Project Robby’s Memory Miles 2018


What is Project Robby’s Memory Miles?

This remembrance walk can be done anywhere! Because our Project Robby supporters are all over the United States and not just local to Wichita, Kansas, we have set the Memory Miles walk up so that everyone can participate…no matter where you live!

You can walk as far as you can walk or would like to. If you don’t want to walk, or can’t walk, you can do whatever activity you would like to do.

What is the purpose of Project Robby’s Memory Miles?

This remembrance walk is a fundraiser for Project Robby that will also help to raise awareness and honor our babies gone too soon.

Project Robby is a non profit organization that provides Bereavement Sets to hospitals for babies born prematurely and who unfortunately won’t survive, and also provides Keepsake Sets to parents who have lost a baby no matter how early. Each Bereavement Set and Keepsake Set includes a hat, blanket, and angel wing. At Project Robby, we believe that all babies are special no matter how tiny, premature, or short their life here on Earth.

Project Robby’s Memory Miles is a remembrance walk to honor all of our babies gone too soon. We want to raise awareness of the impact of pregnancy and infant loss. This is a one mile remembrance walk.


When: September 28,29, & 30


If you would be interested in helping put together a physical walk where you are located, send us an email at!

What is this fundraiser for?

We have two fundraisers each year and this is the second one for 2018. We use the money raised from our fundraisers to buy boxes, tulle, safety pins, print pamphlets, and our biggest expense- ship boxes of bereavement sets to hospitals and bereavement photographers all over the United States. We also ship Keepsake Sets to parents who have lost a baby no matter how early.

We need the funds from both fundraisers to keep Project Robby running! We have been blessed with a steady stream of hats, blankets, and angel wings and we need to keep them moving on out to families in need.

How do I sign up if I live out of town/ out of state?

You can purchase your t shirt from August 8th-September 9th.


By purchasing your t shirt, you are automatically signed up! Please share your pictures with us during the weekend of the remembrance walk September 28,29, &30!

How Do I Sign up Locally? 

You can purchase your t shirt by going to this link: Purchase Tshirt HERE

Then, please send us an email and let us know if you would like to join us September 29th for our local remembrance walk.

We will hold our walk at Prairie Sunset Trail South Goddard Road & East Santa Fe

Goddard, KS

If you have questions or comments about Project Robby’s Memory Miles, please send us an email at

Please share this with your friends & family! We are so excited for Project Robby’s Memory Miles!


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